I AM the shattered pieces
Of a sin-sick life scattered.
Glass-sharp edges
Tearing through generations.

The first Adam
Lingers in my soul.
My flesh screams
For otherworldly satisfaction.

My body buried
In dead ground.
Frozen forever
In ethereal memory.

I AM the tortured price of sin.
Wounded before time;
Punished before eternity.
Dead on a tree others have tasted.

The second Adam
Incarnate in time.
Decaying in a once-empty tomb;
Life rumbling beyond my skin.

It is finished.

Two have become one.
Righteousness unveiled.
Death defeated.
My tomb emptied.

I AM resurrection, life.
Lingering within death’s door.
Present, but gone.
As the revelation of victory unfolds.

Throwing death forever,
Into a grave of its own making.
The last enemy defeated,
As eternity unfolds.

© John A Taylor, 2015


Painted smile
torn away
reveals lie.


The circus of life
began to breath
beneath the big top

His happy smile
held crooked illusion.
His words
followed the woman.

Longing desire
began to build
around the tree,
bearing fruit of knowledge.

The woman, then the man, long for forbidden wisdom;
and change their god in less time
then it takes to dream.

© John A. Taylor, 2014

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We must be taught that we sin. That is, we must be transformed by the vision of a God who is righteous and just, who judges us on the basis of something more significant than merely what feels right for us.

~ Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon

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