I’m not sure when I lost my way …
In this mad, twisted world,
Vibrant with the wreckage of broken dreams,
While twisted humans walk the littered streets,
I mourn the days of paradise past.

I am the nightmare!
Plunging all humanity into a sea of forgetfulness,
Swallowed misery,
Foaming discontent.

Forbidden fruit has poisoned the soul …

I am the victim of my delusion,
Tormented by my apathy,
Impaled by the hatred of children,
Who have forgotten the way!

I am a voice,
Crying in the wilderness of desolation,
Unworthy to even lift my head,
Blinded by the darkness of a Deity turned away!

I am dead with the deadness of death …

Cold, in the tomb, alone and afraid!
Silenced by the weight of orbiting turmoil,
Spun into the darkness of space,
Entombed in the silence of fallen humanity.

I am …


I am …

DEAD, Days on end DEAD …

Suffering in mind,

Wasted in my living, forgotten in my grave …

Guarded by my torments,
As the earth shakes,
As the stone roles,
As the grave sighs.


Alive …

© John A. Taylor, 2012

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