My Thoughts on McKinney


The Police Chief Greg Conley of McKinney, Texas has stated that the actions of officer Eric Casebolt at the recent pool party were “indefensible.”As a white American, I have been offended by many of the posts I have seen regarding this incident.

Too many people who look like me, have sought to justify the actions of this police officer on social media by building a case based on the bad behavior of the kids involved.

The issue isn’t about whether SOME of the kids were behaving badly. The issue is that the response from many of the adults in this situation was insulting, and included racial slurs when more than black kids were involved in this incident. The issue is that our black children (and they are all of ours) feel like they are under siege by our communities and our law enforcement. The issue is that these children are often not allowed to be children, because of the color of their skin, while the similar misbehavior of other children is often overlooked or downplayed.

The issue is an out of control police officer, who misused his authority. I’m so glad that some of his fellow officers kept a cool head and worked to deescalate this situation. The issue is that this has been happening far too often (and the statistics prove it), and too many are turning a blind eye to obvious racial oppression. The issue is a scared young woman, who didn’t deserve to be tossed around like a rag doll when we live in a society that already has a problem with male violence against women.

This is offensive on so many levels, and the actions of this police officer, who has reportedly served faithfully prior to this, can’t be justified based on his past service. He was wrong. His behavior needed to be challenged, and I am glad to see that the McKinney Police Chief has publicly stated that his actions are “indefensible.”


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