Muskegon: Heritage Square Townhomes


Muskegon is a beautiful place to live. I love the history, natural beauty, historical buildings, people, art scene, and the many other great things Muskegon has to offer. This is a city that is growing, redeveloping, and setting course for the future, while honoring its history.

However, not everyone would like to be like me and live in a 100-year old home, with the challenges that it brings. If you’re looking for something new, yet rooted in Muskegon that maintains a sense of our great history, you might enjoy Heritage Square Townhomes.

Heritage Square Townhomes is a 28-unit, mixed-use, condominium development in downtown Muskegon, offering multi-story townhomes, apartments and commercial space. The development team lives and works in Muskegon, and is dedicated to the ongoing revitalization of downtown Muskegon.

Take a look, then if you have opportunity, join us in this great Michigan city!

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