I AM the shattered pieces
Of a sin-sick life scattered.
Glass-sharp edges
Tearing through generations.

The first Adam
Lingers in my soul.
My flesh screams
For otherworldly satisfaction.

My body buried
In dead ground.
Frozen forever
In ethereal memory.

I AM the tortured price of sin.
Wounded before time;
Punished before eternity.
Dead on a tree others have tasted.

The second Adam
Incarnate in time.
Decaying in a once-empty tomb;
Life rumbling beyond my skin.

It is finished.

Two have become one.
Righteousness unveiled.
Death defeated.
My tomb emptied.

I AM resurrection, life.
Lingering within death’s door.
Present, but gone.
As the revelation of victory unfolds.

Throwing death forever,
Into a grave of its own making.
The last enemy defeated,
As eternity unfolds.

© John A Taylor, 2015

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