High 5 – Reading: Nov 2014


These five books are on my reading list for November:

Roosevelt's Beast: A Novel

by Louis Bayard [Henry Holt and Co.]
Rank/Rating: 766504/-
Price: $13.95


by Adam Begley [Harper]
Rank/Rating: 501608/-
Price: $13.15

The Shelf: From LEQ to LES: Adventures in Extreme Reading

by Phyllis Rose [Farrar, Straus and Giroux]
Rank/Rating: 1240810/-
Price: $8.48

The Deepest Human Life: An Introduction to Philosophy for Everyone

by Scott Samuelson [University Of Chicago Press]
Rank/Rating: 785787/-
Price: $15.73

Standard Deviations: Flawed Assumptions, Tortured Data, and Other Ways to Lie with Statistics

by Gary Smith [The Overlook Press]
Rank/Rating: 458289/-
Price: $27.11

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