Book Review: The New World


The New World: A Novel
by Chris Adrian & Eli Horowitz

2 Stars **

The New World intends to tell the story of a marriage from the perspectives of future and past; present realities that separate pediatric surgeon, Jane Cotton, from her deceased chaplain husband Jim whose head has been preserved for the future by the Polaris Corporation.

Throughout the story, they each find that love, and life shared, in all its messiness is far more eternal than deferred hope in life somewhere in the far distant future. Eternity is far less tangible than the eternal now–a moment when we are fully present with one another (such as during the experience of a tender passionate wedding kiss embracing all of our past and future history).

The premise is an interesting one, but an underdeveloped plot, flat characters, intangible realities, and poorly executed back story left me disappointed.

This tale could have been so much more. Instead, it took a shallow dive into the deep mystery of love, and offered a meaningless reflection of life that leads me to recommend this as one tale you should avoid reading.


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