Blood Has Been Shed


Blood has been shed on this soil, and off this soil, to keep our Republic free. This Memorial Day weekend we have the leisure to celebrate, at the price of tremendous sacrifice by a few. Take some time in your weekend to think about, and honor, the fallen of our country.

We are a flawed people, and the fight for freedom in our nation is fought anew in every generation. Patriotism does not always equate with freedom, but we are a nation committed to freedom’s cause, and there are many who have been willing to pay the price of their lives to ensure that this grand experiment in Democracy can continue.

We honor them, and in the words of an honorary American, Winston Churchill, we remember them as individuals who have lived this truth spoken in his first speech as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It applies to our U.S. heroes as well. May of them have given their lives as testimony to these words:

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

That may be all they had to offer, but it was a precious gift, given at great price. Their family and friends experienced the cost of the loss. Their futures were forever ended, no longer filled with possibilities. Yet, each one of us are blessed because of the price they paid.

We celebrate the first weekend of Summer because of the price of their blood. Let’s never forget…

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